Wash Dangerously

A mothers job is to try and protect her family, but sometimes it goes a little

too far. Moms taught us to never mix our whites and darks in the same load

but now we can live on the safe side and wash your boldest shirts with our

whitest sheets knowing they’ll be okay. I wonder what else mom was wrong about.

CW: Danny Kapilivsky & Elizabeth Kurzweg

AD: Danny Kapilivsky

Mom always said that if you made that face it would get stuck. She also said you couldn't wash your whites with your brights #MomMyths #WashDangerously

Mom said that going outside with wet hair makes you sick. She said you couldn't was whites with colors either #MomMyths #WashDangerously

Mom told you cracking your knuckles would give you arthritis. She also told you that you couldn't wash whites with darks #MomMyths #WashDangerously